Tattooed Stones was founded in 2014 by Keith Reeves. Having grown up in the country, Keith is heavily inspired by nature and there are great healing aspects to his work - combining spiritual concepts with elemental design to create harmony between earth and humanity.

Behind The


Tattooed Stones are stylised versions of megalithic art. Their patterns are organic, meaningful designs which promote peaceful energy and spiritual awareness; these same prehistoric patterns have existed in our consciousness since ancient times.


Circles reflect divinity; they are unbounded, unending and unknowing.

Squares denote the four seasons, four directions and four elements.

Zig-zags convey movement, the passage of time, water and mountains.

Spirals represent growth; they are a symbol of femininity, progression and development.

Triangles are the triad - extremely powerful in spirituality. In Christianity this reflects the holy trinity.

How Are They


Each stone is handmade in Somerset. To reduce their weight they are made from an advanced form of fibreglass reinforced concrete and are either hollow centred or contain a lightweight core.

This ensures the stones are heavy enough not to need permanent fixtures and light enough to be easily moveable.


Keith Reeves founded Tattooed Stones as a retirement project and has turned his talent and passion for sculpting into a now successful local business. He is also a talented guitarist and songwriter, works in the community to tackle mental health issues and is a hands on granddad now happily settled in the West Country with partner Mary. He's certainly keeping busy in his retirement!