Garden Keepers can be used purely as decorative sculptures, however they have been specifically and cleverly designed to hold cremated remains.


Their design can be completely tailored to your needs; ashes may be divided between multiple stones and items of sentimental value can be stored safely with the ashes of your loved one(s).

They do not need to be fixed, you can easily move them around the garden and even take them with you if you should move home.


Garden Keepers are waterproof and extremely durable; their natural design can fit to any style of garden making them a beautifully discrete way of keeping your loved one close - no one but you need know that your Garden Keeper is anything more than an attractive ornament!

Garden Keepers are a new and innovative way of commemorating lost loved ones. Their attachment to your home and being close to nature also makes them a particularly popular choice for deceased pets. 

We work alongside churches and funeral directors to ensure only the best service is offered to you in your time of grief.

If you are interested in commissioning a bespoke stone to memorialise your loved one(s), we will discuss your wishes and needs in detail to ensure the creation of your perfect stone. 

Painted Leaves 2
Painted Leaves 2


We understand that planning after the loss of a loved one is hard, that's why we're proudly partnered with First Funerals - experts in funeral arrangements and end of life planning.


These examples of our previously made Garden Keepers are (unless otherwise stated) available for sale.


We regret that we are only able to deliver within a 50 mile radius - so please contact Keith Reeves via phone or email to discuss purchase and delivery/pickup options.


Thank you.