Our larger collection of Tattooed Stones make fantastic, eye-catching garden ornaments. Their enigmatic designs will create atmospheric contentment in your garden.

Tattooed Stones are made with fibreglass reinforced concrete, making them a lighter alternative to traditional garden sculptures. They are often fitted with a post inside to ensure they are completely stable.

Painted Leaves 2

There are significant spiritual and healing aspects to Tattooed Stones. The prehistoric patterns have journeyed through the generations and are still able to connect humanity to the earth.



These larger sculptures do come in many shapes and sizes so please do not hesitate to contact us in regards to measurements if you are interested in a particular stone.

Painted Leaves 2

3 cups


3 cups


1½ cups



These examples of our previously made stones are (unless otherwise stated) available for sale.


We regret that we are only able to deliver within a 50 mile radius - so please contact Keith Reeves via phone or email to discuss purchase and delivery/pickup options.


Thank you.