More about Tattooed Stones

Although the idea for Tattooed Stones was born in 1999, after the first saddle stone was made, there was no further progress  until after I returned to Taunton in May 2008. Between 2008 and 2016 the idea gradually began to develop. and in 2016, after receiving a small bequest, work began in earnest.


Sometime between 2016 and 2018 the name Tattooed Stone was born and was registered as a Trade Name. In 2019 I also registered the name Garden Keepers as a Trade Name. Now, all Tattooed Stones products are individually made from waterproofed, coloured concrete and then sealed to prevent colour fade, To reduce weight, the larger Tattooed Stones are hollow or have a lightweight core. Both the larger Tattooed Stones and the Garden Keepers are made by first rendering a fibreglass reinforced concrete on to a lightweight foam core, followed by one or two further coats of coloured render depending on the design method chosen. The core of Garden Keepers is always removed to produce the space in which cremated remain can be stored.

In September 2018 I took Tattooed Stones to Bridport Market (see picture) and sold a large stone on my first outing. I sold two other pieces as a result of that first (and only appearance at Bridport far!). In 2019 I took part in Somerset Art Weeks and secured a venue at Tractors and Cream a glamping site on the outskirts of Othery. This was an incredible piece of luck because I was invited to display my work in two distinct and separated places on the glamping site where they remain. I have only sold one piece in the time the stone circles have existed but believe this is largely due to a lack of marketing effort on my part. For Somerset Art Weeks 2019 I created a large stone with flowers on one side and traditional symbols on the reverse together with the words "Somerset Art Weeks" and  sited it in front of County Hall in Taunton with the hope it might attract some attention and publicity. Sadly it did neither. That stone now also resides at Tractors and Cream.

During 2020  Tattooed Stones has continued to develop There is now a marketing plan which will see advertising in the Leveller, regular attendance at Bridport Marker, new business cards and possibly a van livery. The future begins here!